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Modified on Mon, 06 Mar 2023 at 01:48 PM

Each week, teachers are asked to sign the “confirming reports” that verify the attendance that has been submitted in Q by each individual teacher.   Confirming reports will no longer be necessary once staff who access Q are required to routinely change their Q passwords.  Routine password changes are required to ensure that the electronic attendance submissions accurately reflect the attendance as recorded by the teacher and updated by the attendance front office staff.  

Enroll in the Password Management Solution and Change Password

When:  Between December 4, 2020 - December 11, 2020

How:      How to Enroll in Password Manager & Change Password

Note:  New employees will be required to enroll and set their initial password as soon as they are granted access to District systems

You MUST enroll and change your password by the end of the day on December 11, or you may be locked out of Q as of December 14th.  If this occurs, please email and your site tech will assist you with unlocking your account. 

Change Password when Prompted via Email

When:  Every 90 days after initial password change in December 2020

How:      How to Change Password (I know my current password)

              How to Reset Passwords (I forgot my current password)

Note:  These links will be included in the email notifications that will prompt the password change

This password is also used for accessing PUSD-Wireless wifi network.  Once you have changed your password, you will need to update your wifi settings on devices to use this new password.  

Many staff Macbooks also may use this password.  Staff may continue to use the old password, or may work with their site techs to update the Macbook to this new password. 

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